About Us

Kurly Kidz Hair Salon is based in Carnival Centre and was born from wanting to create a space where hairstyling and haircutting could be fun for kids and ease their irritation and discomfort. We specialize in kids’ haircuts and fun salon experiences that ensure that mom and dad can relax. Our centre has ample parking space for parents as they drop off their kiddies at our salon. 

We have customised chairs specially made for our kiddies that ensure that they are comfortable. We offer a free hair wash with every treatment that we do. 

Our Salon

Our Salon is a safe and clean environment salon that is built for kids and we make kids look better than when they came in, with services from hairstyling and nails for boys and haircuts for boys. 

Our salon has toys, books and a drawing board for our kiddies to get creative. But don't think that we forget about the parents, we also have an oasis where parents can relax and wait for the kiddies to get pampered royally by our stylists.When you bring your kid to our salon, you can trust we’ll take good care of them and make good, salon memories. 

Our Stylists

Our stylists are hired for their experience, passion and skill and for how good they are with kids. We hire our stylists for both their styling skills and their special way with kids in making them not only stylish, but comfortable as they get their hair done. 

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